Physically damaged micro sd card not detected

Michael Peter

Aug 29, 2013
I had uncased my cellphone - Galaxy Y and while casing it back, I forgot to remove the micro sd card from the slot. And while casing it back, the card was bent(which I made it almost straight, but slight bend can be seen).
It also got slightly visible cracks, I can see 3 on the end of the card, i.e opposite side of the metal stripes.
It's not being detected on my phone and on PC too.
I know there are very few chances for the same, but is there any fix possible? Or any luck where I try inserting again and again and it would get detected? Or making it flat would help? Or opening it's plastic case and doing some nasty stuff would help?
The data is important to me, but the recovery costs would be very high and then I'd have to let most of it go.
PS: I am a geek and enthusiastic for fixing computing devices, so if the fix needs less resources then I can be guided for it.