pioneer amplifier get nose between changing chanels

May 10, 2018
hi guys
i have pioneer vsx-lx53 amplifier when i change between flash memory , htmi1,htmi2 and ... amplifire get nose and after 30 sec sound gets back.
i also give it to repair but after 1 hour the problem come back.

May 10, 2018

hello thanks for answering my question i had take it to repair facility and said it wont fix and they test it in front of me it have no problem and i said after 1 hour it take the nose problem but they said it is our my problem .your device has no problem
With your sources connected disconnect the speakers wires from the back of the receiver. Does it still shut down when you change inputs?
If not then the receiver was going into protection because of a bad speaker or speaker wire. Reconnect them one at a time until the problem returns. That will identify which wire or speaker is bad.
If it happens without any speakers connected then disconnect the sources and reconnect them one at a time until the problem returns.
You can also try plugging the receiver into a different AC outlet with an extension cord.
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