Question Portable car Stereo

May 13, 2021
Hello all, I am new to this form and I wanted to say hi. I have a question. I have a car stereo and speakers that I want to put into an old Ammo Can for my garage and other places. What I am wanting to do is connect a power supply to it while close to a power outlet and then use the 12 volt sealed lead battery while away from a power source. I would like for the battery to be charging while I have it plugged up. Is this possible? I have a relay that I was going to use. I have been watching some YouTube Videos of this guy doing it, but when it come to electrical work, I am a complete NOOB. Can someone please help. I hate to be like this but yall are smart and your going have to talk dumb to me. If you dont mind explain to me what your saying. I am very mechanical inclined, just not with electrical stuff.

Thank you so much in advance.

I am glad to be part of this forum. I might learn something from yall


Just buy a UPS, has a battery, has a charger for the battery, you will just need a bit of work to convert the standard power plugs on them for use with a portable amp

Or just buy a bluetooth speakers with a battery and everything built in with everything you need. More easy to setup, bluetooth connector for phone/tablet/PC. JBL Charge is good and gets pretty loud, for even more loudness you can go up to the JBL Extreme, you can find them used all over the place.
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