power supply issue. with my car stereo memory


Feb 18, 2015
So i run amp,and car stereo off 83 amp power supply, which is plugged into wall, 110 ac, powers 4 spkrs, front and rear, left and right, and 2. 8 " subs. Works awesome, sounds awesome in my woodshop. Prob is i have to redo all my presets evrry time i power cycle. So i have tried using different types of power sources to power the memory function of stereo seperate from 83 amp unit powering amp and main power to stereo, get popping feedback type sounds, mainly between songs. I have gried powering stereo completely on seperate power supply, have tried just powering memory lead seperately. Any other config other than all leads (amp& stereo) from the same 83_amp power supply gives undesired noise. All runs great the way i have it to one source, but again, i have to reset all levels and presets every time i cut power. The _83_amp power supply has a noisy fan, and its just not an option to leave amp running when not in use. Any ideas?
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