Powered speakers + Receiver...?


Feb 16, 2013
Hello. I was recently given a Pioneer 5.1 receiver as a gift (link to the web page below).

Before I was given this, I have been using my Kanto YU2 studio monitors w/ a subwoofer (using the YU2's sub out) as a daily driver for both games and music via USB. The left speaker is active and the right one is passive.

I was wondering if there is a way to use these two speakers as the left and right channels on the receiver without breaking them. Ideally I would like these to be the left and right speakers for a 5.1 system. I have spare passive center/rear left/rear right speakers that work properly with this receiver by the way.

Receiver: http://


How can I safely incorporate Kanto YU2 powered speakers into a 5.1 system with a Pioneer VSX-523 receiver?
As these are 'active' speakers, there really is no way to connect them as the front L&R speakers, because the A/V has no line-level output for the front L&R channels 1 & 2.
13thmonkey is quite right, and that will work if you want to use the speakers in pure stereo mode, but in answer to your question: "Ideally I would like these to be the left and right speakers for a 5.1 system" it would not be possible.


Jan 10, 2006
technically you could run L&R off of the headphone socket and everything else out of speakers, BUT the volume scaling would be horrible, and the amp might mix 5.1 down to 2.0 for the headphones, so it would sound poor.