Powerline Adapter Failiure!?

Ahad kkkk

Jun 18, 2015
I will start from the beginning i do not understand my problem
Ok so i have these two netcomm powerline adapter one is connected to the main router (only one router) and the other is connected in my room next to an independant pc, i run an Ethernet cable from my router to my first powerline adapter, i then run another Ethernet cable from my second powerline adapter to my pc, (the distance between the two routers is roughly 11m-12m). but my pc cannot identify this network (it is always trying to identify the network but it never can). I then (as a test) take my second Ethernet cable out of my pc and test it on a laptop, this works and the laptop is able to connect to the internet. ( plug back in pc) now i went on youtube blah blah.... Did some stuff like local area connect/ipv4/properties, i manually put in the DNS/alternate DNS and ip and gateway number... So on, i then ran diagnostics and my local network are config error went away, but still no identifying network!!!!!! Need help (side note: using youtube and other stuff on my phone via wifi)(windows 7 ultimate)(all i do on it atm is play minesweeper :)) ty