Prime95 results and what are the chances that its not the CPU


May 16, 2013
Just ran prime95 on my computer trying to see why my computer has been acting up lately. And when I say acting up I mean freezing up completely after just sitting overnight and also freezing up when trying to render in adobe premiere.

I ran two tests. The blend test and the CPU only test(Small FFT). The blend test was first and after 8 minutes 3 cores stopped working. Then I tested just the CPU(Small FFT) to make sure it was the CPU causing the issue and not the memory and in the first 1 minute 1 of the cores stopped working.

Tested the Ram in MEMTEST and it passed with flying colors.

The CPU was overclocked for a bit at 4.2ghz. That's all I could get stable without going crazy high on voltage, but its no longer overclocked and is running stock everything. I've had the H100 since I built the computer and temps don't go past 32c.

Here's my question. What are the odds its not the CPU and it is the motherboard?

Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to reply.

I have the following:
MSI 990FX-80 V2 Mobo
FX8350 CPU (not overclocked)
HyperX 1866 16GB of Ram
Corsair750HX PSU
H100 AiO Cooler
mutliple hd


Oct 2, 2013
what is your cpu voltage showing as default (is it back to 1.362500 the default for the fx8350)?

did you restore all your settings back in the bios? I have a different motherboard but anything u changed called like load line calibrations back to factory settings? might even just be good to restore your bios defaults and then change any specific settings that you need to that way all your power settings are running default again.

4.2ghz is not even really an overclock as it runs that normal part of its turbo boost. but I really start by checking the two items above. just wondering what did you change the voltage to max also when you were overclocking because sounds like you didn't change it much at all?


May 16, 2013
Just figured it out. It definitely was the motherboard. Got a new board and everything is running how it should. Prime ran through perfect. So in this case it was the board.
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