/problem/ my laptop keep restarting before BIOS

That message at the beginning "exiting intel pxe rom" means your BIOS is having trouble finding the hard drive.

If you changed the boot order, then you need to fix that. You should be able to access BIOS by repeatedly hitting "F2" when the computer loads.

If you have a bootable CD/DVD or USB with your OS on it you can try starting recovery. If you can do that, be patient, it can take a long time to resolve.

Now if that doesn't fix it, your hard drive may be either disconnected, or well toast.


Sep 25, 2016
First thanks for help webworkings

- i think that message (existing intel pxe rom ) is normal.
- I've tried hitting "F2" but can't access bios.
- i've dismantled my laptop now i can do anything.
Any solution ?

The message isn't normal. Well, at least not as in doing it all the time. That message doesn't come up in a normal boot sequence.

If the F2 isn't allowing you in try F12 or Delete. Sadly, it isn't the same on every computer.

What do you mean dismantled and now can do anything?