Problem with audio passthrough xbmc


Jul 12, 2015
Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this.

I have xbmc installed in a laptop with Intel i7-3537u, 2 ghz, intel hd graphics 4000, 8 gb ddr3 and a Philips HTB5544D home theathre system

Throught hdmi cable I connect the computer to the home theatre and the home theathre to the lcd. Audio output settings in xbmc, are set to wasapi hdmi philips and audio passthrough is enabled, selecting the formats that my device supports (all that are alisted in xbmc).

Here is the problem:

If I play a video with AC-3, 6 channels, 48.0 khz audio track, i get a very clear sound in all the speakers; if i play a movie with TrueHD, 6 channels, 48 khz I get no sound at all, the only way to get sound is by deselecting audio passthorugh in xbmc, but the sound feels regular. This same video can be played in the blueray of the home theather and sounds amazing, so I have no idea what the problem is.

If I play a movie with a DTS, 6 channeles, 48.0 KHz audio track in the computer with audiopassthrough disable, sounds better that if I play this same movie directly on the blueray.

In windows sound settings the hdmi output shows only 2 channels, i have read in some posts that it has to show 8 channels, but i dont know how to change it.

Any advice?

PS: Sorry for any misspelling, english its not my primary language.
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