Problem with HTPC HDMI output on sony bravia?



Hello everione. I have strange problem with my new HTPC configuration.
I have sony bravia 32BX400 on one side and MSI ATI Radeon HD5670 with HDMI connection on the other side... Cable length is 5m (16.5ft) System works on windows 7 ultimate...

Everything works almost great... Except one little thing...

Picture sometimes gets pink/green/blue (i don't even know what color is that) like on image below...

And this is how it should be:

Sometimes i can watch something for an hour before it changes... sometimes it changes several times in few minutes.... sometimes it changes back to normal on it's own after few seconds, but mostly i need to change HDMI souce on tv to something else and change it back to get my picture normal...

I tried every single resolution/refresh rate combination and can't fix it...

I connected my DVD to bravia with same HDMI cable and it works normal...
I also connected pc to Acer P5260E projector with that HDMI cable and it also works normal...

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks in advance


Seems like the video card is sending defective configuration info to the Sony monitor, or the cable has too much loss.
Try the whole thing again with a very short cable, and see if the same problem happens again.
You might need to install a buffer (repeater) between the video card and the monitor.


thnx for response..
i'll try with shorter cable, but strange thing is that cable i currently use work fine with dvd -> bravia and computer -> projector combinations....


Mar 17, 2006
Have you updated your video card drivers? Worth a try, if not.

Also, I couldn't help but notice that your scaling is off (black boarders around your display). That's not related to your problem, but I thought you should know that you don't have to live with the black bars.



i tried several different drivers (both amd ati and msi), also tried different cable and changed graphic card to onboard ati HD 3300 and still get same results...

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