putting photos in sd card


Oct 10, 2017
I have an android 5-1 urlus tablet cheaper one that is not mobil or anything.
I use wifi through my w-10 computer.
I can select the pictures I want to transfer. they are on my tablet now.
I don't know what to click on now to put them in my SDcard that I have 32gb.
If I go tosettings and go to sdcard I'll lose my place on tablet.
I'm confused.Hope you can straighten me out.
1. The SD card must be in the tablet.

2. Connect the tablet to the computer via USB cord.

3. Open or create an empty folder on the computer.

4. Move the files from the tablet to the empty folder on the computer.

5. Once they are moved over, you should see in the folder (or you will also see it when the device is first connected to the computer) options for accessing the tablet or the SD card. So when you have moved the files over, you want to change the connection to SD card rather than the tablet. If you can't see it while the tablet is connected (in the folder) then you may have to disconnect the USB connection and then reconnect it. Once reconnected, then choose the SD card option as what you want to open/access.

6. Now you can move (or copy, personally I suggest leaving a copy on the computer as backup) the files over to the SD card and once done disconnect the tablet from the computer.

7. Make sure you change the apps you use to access the files to look for them on the SD card now rather than on the tablet. (as explained before)

8. Once done, restart the tablet and you should be good.
To move files like photos, videos, music, etc. (not apps) you will need to locate the file manager app (or if there isn't one you can download one) that can help you locate all the files and move them over to the SD card. You would also have to set each app that accesses them (say gallery for example) to look to the card for the files to view them.

Another way to do it, and it is much faster, is to connect the tablet to a computer via USB cord and move all the files to an empty folder on the computer. Then using the same connection move them over to the SD card.
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