Quality Loss From TOSLINK output (Sound Card) to RCA Receiver?


Jul 25, 2013

I have an old Toshiba SA-750 receiver, still in fine condition, and am thinking about buying a Sound Blaster Z sound card for my computer. I'm an avid music listener and concert goer. I do must of my music listening via Spotify Premium which is ~320 kbit/s I believe. I would use TOSLINK output from the sound card to RCA Aux input on the receiver. Will there be any quality loss on the transition from TOSLINK to RCA on the receiver? Any other tips and/or suggestions would also be welcomed!


Toslink is an optical output. You will have to have a DAC (digital to analog converter) in between the analog Aux input and the TOSLINK output. You would do better to use an analog output from the line out (green) plug on the soundblaster. That way the DAC in the soundblaster does the D to A conversion.
kanewolf is correct unless you were to invest in a DAC superior to the one on the soundblaster. The price of this kind of DAC might be anywhere from $100
to many thousands. Depends on where you want to take your system. As a music listener it might be worth it.
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