Question Question about VA monitors

Jun 6, 2022

I have a question about VA monitors.

I have been trying to get a VA panel monitor because I play mostly slow paced dark games, but it seems that every VA monitor I try has the same result.

The colors, especially blacks, look washed out and gray, regardless of the viewing angle. I think we've all seen it.

I have tried VA monitors from Asus, Viotek, AOC, Philips, all with the same results.

I am currently testing a Viotek GFV24CB with the same results. But something I noticed different this time. There is an "ECO" mode. Once I enabled ECO "movie" mode on this Viotek, things look 85-90% better.

This is what I imagine true vivid colors and close to true blacks are supposed to be like on a VA monitor. I thought VA monitors had much better accurate colors, especially blacks, by default. Why do I have to take extreme measures by enabling ECO movie mode, which doesn't look good for other things I might do with the monitor?

The settings out of the box always look terrible on every monitor I've tried.

So, my question is, is this what I need to do with all these monitors? Most monitors Ive seen don't have such an option.

What am I missing? What should I do?

This is the specs I'm running on:

i7-12700 2.10 GHz
32.0 GB RAM
Windows 11
GeForce RTX 3080

The monitor is connected with a brand new, name brand Displayport cable.

This was even happening with a different computer.

Any help is appreciated!
VA screens should have better color than TN screens, however don't assume they will look how you want them to be "by default".
Look online on how to tweak displays, especially for the specific model you have.

Usually washed out colors mean the contrast and brightness are not set properly, there are test patterns you can use to set them.

Economy mode is usually not the best thing to use, it tends to mess with good color accuracy and contrast by reducing back panel brightness.