Random buzzing sound from new laptop, sound cuts off

Feb 18, 2018
I've recently purchased an Asus ROG GL703vm Scar Edition, and my only problem with is so far is that I've been getting this annoying audio problem in which the sound will randomly make various buzzing sounds that can last up to a few seconds each. Sometimes there's only one buzz, other times there would be multiple different pitched buzzes. After making the buzzing sound, sometimes my computer's sound will cut off entirely, other times only discord cuts off, other times it just works normally afterwards. When the audio stops working I typically have to go to the recording and playback of my sound settings, disabling and then enabling random things (the headset, and realtek hd audio). I feel like this generally occurs when I'm starting a pubg match, but it's also happened during a cs match and I had to restart my computer to fix it. I've been using my turtle beach px22 headset with the computer the whole time, so maybe there's a problem with that or with the realtek hd audio manager and the headset conflicting or something, Either way, it's really annoying and I have no idea how to fix it. I've checked all my audio drivers and they are all up to date.
Jan 24, 2019

SAME THING FOR ME. I got my ROG GU501GM a few months ago, one day a while back I was playing games with people and I hear this loud buzzing noise, all other sounds cut out, then my screen froze. After restarting the computer it worked fine for a while, but I still get the same issue occasionally, luckily they don't involve crashing anymore though. The issue has something to do with either Nvidia sound drivers, or the preinstalled Asus edition of realtek audio, or some combination of how they interact. This issue only affects discord and all sounds it makes (voices and notifications). Recently I was in a voice chat when the buzzing issue occurred again. After a second long buzz I could no longer hear my friends, nor they could hear me. When someone sent me a message to ask why I stopped talking mid sentence, the notification sound was some contorted mix between the buzz and the normal sound, meaning it's all discord sounds and not just voice. Aside from the lack of discord audio, discord and all of my other apps work normally. If I force restart discord it will temporarily fix the problem, but it usually comes back within 15-30 minutes. If I restart the laptop then it fixes the issue for a longer time, but still will eventually pop up again. This isn't a result of a faulty unit or something, it's on a driver/software level, because it only happens to discord, and it apparently has happened to multiple people. If you uninstall all audio drivers and reinstall only one, it will likely fix the problem. I have not yet confirmed the solution to it because I'm lazy and the issue occurs rarely enough that it's not worth fixing personally. I just wanted to share my findings for this weird and obscure problem.
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