Razer Kraken Pro - Static on the microphone, the motherboard is probably to blame


Jan 10, 2008
Like the title says I just bought the Kraken Pro from Razer and I have been having some problems with it.

The speakers work masterfully in the front panel, but has some slight low sounding bipping going on when in the rear panel. The microphone however has static on BOTH the front and back panel.

Sample: http://yourlisten.com/Sokar408/johnny

As you can hear there is some weird static sound going on. I have tried it in my laptop and there the static is completely gone. The speakers has a slight constant tune going on on the laptop, but thats besides the point.

I'm assuming I have the same problem a lot of people have with the motherboard I have. My question is what I can do to fix it. Would a sound card do the trick?

Also I actually bought the Razer Kraken 7.1 which is fully digital before this one, but returned it because the sound was extremely weird (a lot of interference), just in case this might be related.

Thanks for any and all help guys :)