Realtek HD Audio 2nd Output detecting audio but not playing sound.

Mar 23, 2018
My Realtek HD 2nd Output/(headphone output) is not working.
1. My computer recognises that there is an audio input there - whenever I plug or unplug into/from my audio jack, I will get the notification that an audio device has been plugged in or out. Realtek audio manager loads and detects the input etc., asks whether its a headphone or S/PDIF; I get the loading bar in the bottom left of the audio manager saying its loading my audio devices - I even get the additional option on my taskbar menu to switch to that input.
2. My computer recognises that there is sound playing when my headphones are plugged in - the mixer bars will show green and fluctuate according to what the sound should sound like if it were playing - but no sound comes out of the headphones.
3. It is definitely not a problem with the headphones themselves - I have tried using multiple different headphones and audio ins, which I have also tested in other devices and all work fine.
4. The built-in laptop speakers also work fine. As do Bluetooth speakers.
5. I am fairly confident it is not a hardware issue because I have had this issue for months, and after reinstalling the drivers (again) last week, it worked briefly again before stopping. This was the glimmer of hope in the darkness which prompted me to start this thread.
6. I have reinstalled all drivers, updated all drivers, ran all relevant bugfixes and software/hardware troubleshooters I could find - nothing has worked so far.
7. I have set the 2nd output to be my default device and have tested this on multiple different headphones and this has not affected anything.
8. I only have one audio input, my front headphone jack (I have seen suggestions related to testing other inputs in other threads on this topic).

I am using Win10. I can provide hardware specs if requested.

Can anyone suggest anything which would resolve this problem? I have found other people posting about the same issue on this and other forums but as far as I have seen this issue has always remained unsolved. Thanks in advance.
Question, are you using a splitter/adapter for the second output? As in connecting two devices through one output jack? If that is the case, it could be the splitter/adapter that is the issue. Or do you have two output jacks on the laptop?

Also, you mention 'input' in your post, but an 'input' jack wouldn't work with headphones, that would be for a microphone.

Pierre Caron

Apr 20, 2013
It worked for me when i changed the option "Playback through this device" (in listen tab below Listen to this device) from Default Playback Device to specific (Realtek HD Audio in your case as well as mine), even if that one is already default. It worked at that point, then it still worked when i set it back to Default Playback Device ! - Good luck
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