Realtek HD Audio No Sound from Front Speakers

Dec 30, 2014
Hi guys, I feel like i'm at my wits end here but ever since I tried to use these turtle beach x12 headphones on my computer realtek has not been giving me sound from the front left and right speakers I feel like i've tried everything to remedy the situation but to no luck. I think the problem might be my computer wants me to input my speakers into the front panel but there's a problem with that, my front panel does not work. When I built my computer a year or so ago my HD audio cable couldn't reach my motherboard so I've been using the rear jack ever since and it's worked fine. I've also tried redownloading realtek audio and using the generic windows 7 audio device but that didn't produce sound either and I have my speakers set as my default playback device. I'm not sure what else to do guys. Please and thank you.

p.s I no longer have the pair of turtle beach's I used to get me into this situation.

SubZero nX

Dec 30, 2014
This is happening with me also, im using the turtle beach x12 but my front panel works and when i put it in it doesnt show up in my audio manager, and when i did get it to show. My x12s are supposed to get sound from the left and right, im not getting those, instead im getting sound from the front which i cannot hear because mine doesnt support it
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