Question Recommendations for a Bluetooth Speaker in US around $100?

Nov 2, 2021

Would love to get a Bluetooth Speaker that

  1. Plays music clearly without any distortion at 80% volume.
  2. Doesn't have to be small, light or portable.
  3. Battery Life or Waterproof is NOT important.
  4. Budget can be stretched
Only requirement is sound quality.

Came across Doss Soundbox XL but the reviews are all over the place. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)


For about 100, I would get a JBL, Altec Lansing or a UE Boom. I have a Doss smaller speaker but not a huge fan of it, I have a Altec Lansing one that is a bit smaller but sounds better.

JBL Flip or Charge, older versions or used are fine also and can be 20% or more cheaper. UE Boom or Megaboom same thing, and they can be found on sale in some designs for much cheaper than normal pricing.

Altec Lansing is nice also, I listened to several in a demo at a store and liked them over others of the same size and price
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