Refoaming speakers in toronto


Oct 15, 2007
are you looking to bring them to somebody that knows which new surround would be the appropriate choice for replacement?


are you asking which room is the best to do it yourself?
because some people enjoy working in the living room.
other people enjoy working in the dining room.
and some enjoy working in the bathroom.
the kitchen can also be a place to focus.

i think using the living room is probably the worst place for me because i am far too careless.
and the kitchen would probably be too confusing for me.
the bathroom is also careless.. but with greater ability to see what is wrong.
therefore i like to use the dining room for all of my hands-on detail.
but that can sometimes change depending on how i am using my hands.

new surrounds can be a very important decision if the speaker is sensitive enough to show any difference.
buying new surrounds yourself can be difficult when you are not told the stiffness of the material.

surrounds can have a resonant frequency.. sometimes they have multiple resonant frequencies.

i suppose you pay a master or get some replacments yourself.
that kind of knowledge is usually expensive considering the amount of details being worked with.

and if you purchase your own replacement surrounds.. the characteristics might change with age or frequent use.

i think you would be looking for a needle in a haystack when dealing with any average repair person.

but a simple email or telephone call would give you the opportunity to ask if they pay that much attention to details.
of course, if you ask, that might open up a door to new things and it gives them a chance to lie (and then try to learn what you are talking about later on down the road)

asking for experience is asking to trust somebody.
depending on the price of that experience.. it might prove to be cheaper to learn for yourself using different surround replacements.

i understand that the speaker cone's might be made of a material that will not tolerate multiple re-glueing.

i dont have an express solution for you.
but i do have a warning.
paper cones can be re-glued.. but if the cone is specially designed to twist or warp in a specific manner, adding lots of glue to the edge will alter or eliminate the special movement.
it could be enough to change the 'special' characteristic of the speaker.

so hey.. you need to use the right glue that is of appropriate density.
and you need to use the right surround that is of appropriate softness.
perhaps there is an upgrade to be had by using a softer/stiffer surround.

it might be well worth it to really hunt for a knowledgeable repair person.
i'd like to think the speakers of today arent as sensitive and needy as the speakers of the past.

you cant just wiggle the surround back and forth to gather the stiffness and find a replacement that closely matches said stiffness?


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Oct 15, 2007
i apologize if the original poster thinks getting something done is beyond what was asked.

all you need is a heat gun to heat up the glue so the old surround can be removed.
you also need to heat up the dust cap and remove it so you can place some voice coil spacers into the gap to keep the assembly aligned while glueing the new surround on.

most people lose their focus when it comes to putting spacers in the voice coil gap.
they instantly think that when you remove the surround, the cone wont be straight anymore.

i'm not trying to be rude.. i am simply stating a fact that finding somebody who knows the perfect replacement could be very expensive for the expertise.
besides being expensive, a person with such knowledge could be very hard to find.
because when you ask somebody how experienced they are, you might hear 'i am experienced' simply because they have unglued and re-glued dozens of speakers.
simply doing it isnt the hard part.. its getting the right flexibility of the surround so you dont have any of the problems mentioned above.

i can understand if the original poster already knows these details.. but it really doesnt help if those details were not shared with us.
because what if we send him/her off to some average person that doesnt care what surround gets put on other than foam or rubber..?
i think then we would be making the mistake for the original poster.

the key word here is 'knowledgeable'
not to be confused with 'experienced'
and neither of those words were stated or implied.

this video shows exactly how the entire speaker is built:

be sure to take notice of the voice coil shim being removed.

this website tells you how to do it (with pictures):

this website tells you how to do it (with pictures):

and this website tells you how to do it (with pictures):

if you dont want the extra glue around the dustcap.. dont use too much glue.
you can always test to see how much the glue will spread and leak out the crack by glueing two pieces of materials together.
plastic is best because it wont absorb the glue like cardboard might.

having been active on this forum.. perhaps the original poster wanted to hear from each of us 'regulars' before moving on to another forum.
thats why i posted.

as of now, the original poster has the information to do it themself OR ask the appropriate questions when looking for somebody else to do the repair.

i see that as constructive.


Mar 17, 2006
Where in Toronto are you; Kasas, Ohio, Ontario, South Dakota???

Anyway, If you live in Ontario - AA Electronics is one of the store I go to for parts like that and if you can't find what you're looking for, beside the AA store are 2 other electronics stores that might carry it. Another is and here is a video link on how to - It's not that hard to do it yourself but if you're not comfortable then it's better to take your speakers to a repair shop.

If you live downtown Toronto, there's an Electronic repair store near where I live If you don't live down town then try googling for other store and you'll find lot's of them.

If you live in the US then find your local electronics store and they most likely to point you to where you can get your speakers fix.


Feb 17, 2011

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