Reinstalling Windows on a Toshiba Satellite T110-11u


Feb 27, 2013
I have a Toshiba Satellite T110-11u (an 11.6" thing that isn't sure if it's netbook or a laptop! :p )

I have been trying to reinstall Windows 7 x64 from the HDD partition, but with no success. I've been following the User Manual which instructs me to first turn the computer off, and then to hold down the 0 (zero) key and then turn the computer on. From there I should see a menu and a set of on-screen instructions. Instead, while holding 0 through the whole process, the machine boots into windows regardless.

The User Manual does say to "Set the BIOS to default before recovering the computer to factory state", so perhaps this is where I am slipping up? I have tried the following in respect to this:

1) TOSHIBA HWSetup > General > Default > Apply (BIOS Version 1.90 11/06/09... just in case that information is useful!)

2) Enter the BIOS directly > Press F9 (Setup Defaults) > Load default configuration

In both instances I have turned the computer off, held 0, and switched the machine on again. It doesn't seem to want to know. I'm reluctant to pay out for a separate recovery disk, as I shouldn't have to, and also it would mean buying an external disk drive.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) I bought this machine a 2/3 years ago from, which specialises in laptops that have been refurbished, so it did not come with a recovery disk (I don't know if it did originally).