Remove keyboard to add memory in a ASUS G75VX


Aug 8, 2011
On my G73JW which is a older model than yours, but likely similar in case design, there is a panel on the back that allows you to access 3 of the four memory slots on that particular motherboard, for the G73JW there is a fourth underneath the keyboard. So does your G75 have four slots of ram and only 3 are accessible from the bottom panel? Or are you just asking how to change ram on the laptop itself?


Mar 29, 2013
The G75VX has 4 slots for memory. two of the slots are accessible by removing the large panel on the bottom. The other two are not accessible from that area. The appear to be directly under the keyboard.

Hi :)

Some laptops DO have ram UNDER THE KEYBOARD..

Google a video on how to remove keyboard...

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Joshua Duerksen

May 29, 2013
Greetings! I can tell you as an owner of the ASUS G75VX that the two additional memory slots are in fact under the keyboard.

To access these, you will need to remove most of the "A" screws on the bottom of the laptop including those that are accessed under the panel that hides the hard drives and RAM. You will also need to remove the laser disc tray (one screw and it slides out) because there are 3 smaller screws under there that help hold the keyboard down.

There are multiple "tabs" that hold the keyboard down and as you pop them apart you will see where you might have missed a screw as the keyboard will appear to "hang" from that point.

There is a youtube video that NEARLY covers everything you need step by step to do to flip up the keyboard to access the RAM. It is in German, but that is not important as it shows you ALMOST all of the screws. What the video WONT show you is the removal of the 3 screws that are under the CD-Tray along the edge of the laptop.

On a side note, I found the RAM kit below works best for the G75VX.

Hope this helps.

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May 10, 2016

There are four memory slots in the g75vx two are accessible through the bottom, the other two, if you want to get more than 16gigs of ram, are accessible only through keyboard removal.
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