Feb 14, 2016
Alright, so this is a long story so strap in... I went to get onto my computer today and it brought me to the regular splash screen. After that, it went to the loading screen for windows 8 and under the logo, it said something along the line of "Automatic repair fix" then it goes to a black screen with a mouse cursor. I cant do anything other than move the cursor. I have tried ctr-alt-delete, alt-tab, and everything along the lines of that. I have tried 3 different hard drives, but to no avail, these didnt work either. I cant send the computer to any place because I built it myself. I tried refreshing my computer, but that didnt work. I am kinda running out of options as we speak. Please help.
UPDATE 1: I tried to factory reset my computer... that didn't work
UPDATE 2: I tried plugging in other HD's into my computer, but they didnt work... may be because they are 5-6 years old
UPDATE 3: been formatting my hard drive to see if thats going to help
UPDATE 4: Just got off the phone with my uncle who knows a lot about computers, he says my HD is shot, so i might need a new one
UPDATE 5: The formatting has just finished and it seems to be installing Win8 correctly... I wonder if its fixed
UPDATE 6 (final): After completely formatting the Hard Drive, and re-installing all my componets, My computer seems to be running alright... I cant tell if it was a glitch in my HD, a virus, or something else. If anyone has any idea what this could have been, please tell me. I have a feeling this will happen many more times, and I dont want to have to format the drive every time. This has been one long journey for me...