Replace d90 (Dslr) with a compact (rx100 II)


Jan 19, 2007
Hi !
We have a somewhat old DSLR (Nikon d90) that i've never really have learn to use. I use it 50% of the time in Auto mode. It seems a bit cumbersome to carry that camera since i,m not using it at is fukll potential.
I can get a good deal on a use Sony rx100 II. Would it be a good travel camera ? reviews seems good but I want to know opinions or people who really have use it.


Jun 28, 2013
The Sony RX100 II is a great camera. I have had little personal use with it but from what I have heard in numerous reviews and recommendations its considered one of the better point and shoots out there, especially if video is your goal.

As always, I would do a search and read some reviews to make sure it suits your situation. There may be a cheaper alternative that is the same or similar quality that doesn't include as many manual features.

Other cameras that would compare favourably but might come in slightly cheaper may be:
Canon PowerShot L620 -
Nikon Coolpix A900 -
Panasonic DMC-LX100 -

I would 100% agree, that if you are looking for portability in your downgrade that the Sony RX100 II is a good choice. Buy it, if you have a good deal!
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