Solved! Replace or keep--iPad3 with 9.3.5

May 28, 2020
I'm reading online these days since the library has closed. This iPad is old to be sure but it sort of works if what you mostly do is read ebooks from the library on it. But it won't let me use Audible and Axis who knows how many other apps that are beyond my IOS.

I don't need a Ferrari iPad. Just a simple workhorse, maybe upgrading to something that can use a pencil for drawing. I would also like to be able to download movies...never done that but if I'm going to upgrade, I might as well.

Should I replace it with the June sales, wait for Prime Day in September, get a reconditioned one or wait until Black Friday???? I'm so confused. Thanks for your help.
iPad 5 and newer has support for the latest IOS, you can get a used iPad and be just fine for a bit. Up to you if you want to find a new model or get a used one.