Replacing amplifier/reciever for single source multi-room setup


Nov 21, 2015
Need advice on the best amplifier and/or receiver to buy.

There are 12 speakers in the house: 2 on entrance to house, 2 in the middle of a large room, 2 at end of a large room, 2 in the dining room, 2 in the kitchen and 2 outside for a total of 12 speakers. Each speaker is a proficient C610, which states it is 8ohm 5w-65w.

Each speaker has wire that comes to the tv room ie there not setup in parallel. However, nearby the speakers there is a on the wall connector that controls the volume for 2 speakers a VCS60 (ie the 2 entrance speakers are connected to one volume controller)

All we need the sound system to do is play one sound ie not different sounds in different rooms. It is basically for background/dance music for house parties.
This was all previously connected to receiver that had a A and B output for 8 speakers which of course had connected all 12. Predictably this would trip out often and never really worked well. It has now burnt out.

I need a receiver or amplifier that can handle all those speakers, that can receive input from 2 sources (one from a cd player and one from iphone or something else connected to a rca wire).

Any ideas on what would handle this setup.


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