Reset Chrome Sync passphrase.


Jan 26, 2015
I've forgotten the passphrase for Chrome sync, here is the instructions on what to do:

"When you change your sync passphrase, all your data is deleted from Google’s servers and all your synced computers and devices are signed out.

Your bookmarks, history, passwords and other settings aren't deleted from Chrome on your device. When you sign back in to Chrome on that device, all your info will start syncing again."

At this point I do not have the bookmarks, history, passwords and other settings on the device as it is a new Windows and Chrome installation, I need to enable Sync to restore that information. How will I be able to restore that information though once it has been deleted from Google's servers during the Sync reset?
Your passphrase is used to encrypt the information before its being sent to Google for storage / synchronization. You cannot decrypt that information without correct passphrase.

If you still have another computer still sync'ed with Google, change your passphrase from there.