Question Problems with Samsung TV QN82Q90RAFXZA, Yamaha RX-V781 7.1.2 setup and Hue Sync Box


Jul 8, 2019
Hi all, long time!

I have all my devices (Xbox, BD Player, Roku and Chromecast) connected the the RX-V781 AVR HDMI's. The AVR is connected via ARC out to the Hue Sync Box port 4 (supposedly ARC). The Hue Sync Box is connected to the Samsung One Connect Box port 4 (ARC) which is connected to the Samsung TV QN82Q90RAFXZA.

Problem 1 = I only get a 3.1.2 sound, not a 7.1.2 like I'm supposed to
Problem 2 = I can't get the AVR to display the On Screen settings, so I can't get to the AVR settings
Problem 3 = All HDMI video show fine on the TV except for the Xbox on HDMI1, I get a white screen from the Samsung TV

Could I get some help from the fine experts in this community? Thank you in advance.

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The RX-V781 seems to be 7.2 not 9.1.2
The Front Presence speakers are derived from other channels, are not present in the source material, and are not the same as Atmos which is represented .2

You need to get the AVR display on the TV to set it up.
If you don't use the TV tuner or smart functions ARC serves no purpose in your system so just to simplify you can try a different HDMI input on the TV box.
Try turning off any video processing in the AVR.
Try a different HDMI cable.
Try it without the hue box.

Some of the above might help the Xbox problem but if not check the settings in the Xbox.
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Jul 8, 2019
Thanks for the reply. I bypassed the Sync Box and went devices ==> AVR ==> One Connect ==> TV. If I don't use the ARC ports on the AVR out and the One Connect in, I don't get picture nor sound. And still can't get the AVR On Screen menu to display on the TV, however, I used the Yamaha app to setup the AVR, but like I said, no luck on solving the problems above.

HDMI cables are fine, video processing is turned off on the AVR. OTA antenna works on AV4. I use the Smart Hub for streaming apps.

Need more help!
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