Restore restore to Factory settings w/ Windows 8 image backup?



Hi I purchased a Lenovo Y500. I have a copy of Windows 7 and Windows 7 drivers on a flash drive to prepare myself to downgrade to Windows 7 and get rid of Windows 8. How can I make a image backup of my hdd + Windows 8 in Factory Settings before I even start installing Windows 7? Also if anything bad were to happen from installing Windows 7 how can I go back to my image backup and have my laptop be back to factory settings as I just bought it (I just got this laptop today)?


Apr 19, 2010
Hi You can clone your hard drive but for the recovery to work you need to clone the entire hdd
The easiest solution would be to put a new hard drive in your computer and install windows 7 on that - that way you can keep the two and change whenever you require it.
Or Shrink your volume and install windows 7 on the other partition and dual boot it so you can choose