ROG STRIX GL503VM stutters

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Apr 25, 2018
Hi there,

I have recently bought (januari) an Asus ROG STRIX GL503VM, with the desire to play games. After an intense search of about a month, I finally decided to buy the GL503VM for various reasons. Biggest reason was it had a GTX1060 (which is the recommended GPU for PUBG) and 120HZ.

First; I was happy with it, games (PUBG especially) where playing very smooth. Although It was going sky high on CPU and fans made a lot of noise the first time I played PUBG on it, I was happy with it. I figured I was being naive that a laptop wouldn't make such loud noises, so I neglected that. I played PUBG around 100 FPS on average setting high and it was smooth.

3 months later; Performances have dropped significantly. I have stutters everywhere, tried every guide for optimilization but it doesn't fix anything. Now I'm playing on very low settings and I keep getting these stutters, when I change settings to higher ones, same kinda stutter. Doesn't seem to affect the FPS but stutters are still there. I've tested my network, A+. Also, I haven't download any programms besides Steam (some games on Steam obv), Discord, Office and Dropbox.

I have reinstalled the entire system with no effect. Just for fun, I just downloaded CS:GO to check the stutter. A game that's significantly less asking and still got the stutters. I feel like it's the laptop, but I don't know what or why.

With stutters I mean that every 2 or 3 seconds my game freezes for like a few miliseconds or so, then it goes smooth again and after 2 or 3 seconds it gets this mini freeze again. If neccesary I will upload a video of it.

Any help or people with same problems?



Doctor Rob

Jul 21, 2008
also make sure you have not filled up your SSD drives with stuff. they need like 15% min of free space or they slow down a lot.

Also, clear your temp files. also try playing the game without 3rd part antivirus on as some of them are overzellos and slow things down a lot when playing stuff.

and if you have not already done it clean the fans and such as if they get even a little dust in the fan or heat exchange stuff laptops will heat up a lot and quick. I would run a temp monitoring program and see what its running at.
Apr 25, 2018

Hi Rgd,

Thanks for answering.

It has SSD and HDD. Steam and the games are installed on SSD. My processor is between 40-80%.
Apr 25, 2018

My ssd is clear. Only steam and PUBG are installed on it. Temp files are clear, reinstalled the entire laptop, still happened. I already deinstalled all unneccesary programs like McAfee etc.

Did not clean the fans yet. It is getting really hot tho. But that happened the first time I used it as well, with no stutter. Attached a screen what CoreTemp registered while ingame.

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