S7-392 with SSD's in RAID 0 - OPTIONS?


Aug 27, 2013
While looking at the Acer S7-392 with the Haswell's i see that they list their SSD's as being in RAID 0. This is interesting to me. Wouldn't RAID 0 increase the likelihood of losing a functional machine by 2x, as you depend on two drives to NOT fail, rather than just one? Also, with SSD's how much benefit could you achieve with a RAID 0 configuration? But most importantly, does this open the door for a 128GB SSD as OS Drive and a HDD as a Storage Drive? Does anyone know if the disc controller would allow for this? And finally, what are the odds of someone having access to pictures of the internals of the S7-392's?




Jul 22, 2013

You're right. RAID 0 is risky from the standpoint that if one drive goes down, you lose the entire contents of the whole array. So, yes. Chances of a catastrophic failure are twice as likely with RAID 0.

I'm surprised that they would equip a machine with SSDs in RAID 0 because when you are using SSDs, the benefits of a RAID 0 striped array are minimal to the baseline performance of a straight single SSD. THG did a story on this which showed very little benefit to striping the SSDs as compared to a non RAID system. I'll have to look and see if I can find the article.

I can't help you with specific answers for the S7-392.