Samsung Galaxy Ant Screen Problem


May 3, 2016

This is my first post ever, I've just made an account on this site. I'm not sure if this thread is in the correct place, sorry if it isn't.

My mother has a Samsung Galaxy that has this problem:

Her phone works as usual but at some moments her phone turns like the picture above.

She can't do anthing with it except remove the battery and connect it again for it to be able to work. We have tried to restart it while that happened and no difference was made. I'm lost to as to what the problem, some dude told us that it might be a motherboard problem but I'd rather ask here before concluding anything.

My mother loves her phone and would rather not buy another one if that's the only solution.
I'd appreciate any help!



It's in the right place now; I moved it to Tom's Guide where we talk about more general mobile technology. My first reaction is to take it in to the cellular service provider. My second is that it's upside-down and maybe it wants to be rightside-up, but that's silly. My third is that if it's over a certain age she may have to replace it.