Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (10.1) wont start up or charge

Feb 1, 2019
Had this issue for over a month now, decided to try buy a new battery, still same issue.

Ive tried booting insafe mode and all the what not.

I know the tablet still works because before I switched the battery, I was having charging issues and then eventually, my tablet just died and I could sometimes get it to rarely turn itself on for a few seconds by pressing power button, home button and volume keys.

I then decided to buy a new battery (since I was advised that it must be the issue) and still the same issue, it turned for a few seconds and then died without charging. Ive tried over a dozen different chargers, samsung included and nothing happens. It doesn't even turn on now (even in safe mode) with my new battery installed.

The battery I bought is also for the right model (I carefully did my research).

Please help, completely lost for ideas.

Model - SMT533 Tab 4 10.1
If it isn't working with a new battery, and 'if' the new battery is OEM and not an aftermarket one, then it should work. Now if it is an aftermarket one, well then all bets are off. Since you are still getting the issue, you likely have a problem with something else. The port, the connections for the battery internally, etc. Which will need repair/replacement. If that is the case, I would suggest trying a local tech.

Unless, of course, it is an aftermarket battery. If that is the case, then I would try returning it, getting your money back, and getting an OEM one.