Question Samsung Notebook 9 pro won't charge unless temporarily disconnect the battery

May 11, 2019
Hello, I have a Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 13.3" that randomly won't charge. It works fine for weeks at a time and then it stops charging. No signs of it recognizing that its plugged in. It wont charge through the charging port with the OEM charger or through the USB-C port with a USB-C charger. (It has the capability of being charged through both ways).
No amount or factory resets, safe boots, installing/uninstalling devices and drivers, bios settings make any difference. The only thing that works is opening the bottom cover and physically disconnecting the battery connector for a couple of seconds. Then it will work fine for weeks until it does it again.
From what i can tell, it happens when the battery is at or below 15%. (I'm only assuming this, since this laptop stays at home i try not to discharge it below 15% so that around the level where i plug it in)
Thank you in advance.
If this only happens when it gets that low, it may well be that the battery is starting to go bad. You may have to keep it above that amount to get it to stay charged and function properly. It is quite common. The only fix is to, eventually, replace the battery. But if it is only doing it now when it gets that low, then it is likely not needing replacement just yet.
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