Solved! Saving to SD card

Jan 13, 2021
I have read the "sticky" threads, and lots of other stuff on the subject of making an SD card the default place to store files, and they all seem to refer to going to Settings and selecting Storage (makes a lot of sense, actually). But when I go to Settings on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab A, running Android 8.1.0), there is no "Storage" option. In fact doing a search for the word storage in Settings yields only device maintenance, which does nothing more than eliminate files from storage it deems unnecessary to make more room. After a lot of searching I found that I can move individual files from internal storage to my SD card using MyFiles, but that's really cumbersome. Also, I'm not finding a way to move an app to the SD card without rooting (I think that's the right term) my tablet.

I'm beginning to wonder why Samsung even bothered to build in a card slot. What am I missing?
For saving pictures and videos from your camera app, you can (or should be able to) change the default save location from within the app.

-Wolf sends