Question Screen won't come on after disconnecting external monitors.

May 7, 2021
I have the power settings set to Do Nothing when laptop lid is closed. But when I remove the external monitors and open the lid, the laptop monitor stays black.


Jul 7, 2020
Please clarify. I think what I hear is;
  1. Turn off laptop with external monitor connected and laptop lid closed.
  2. Disconnect external monitor.
  3. Open laptop lid.
  4. Turn on laptop with power switch.
  5. Screen is black.


Jul 7, 2020
Last suggestion I have is to hit the function key selects how the external monitor works and select the "PC Screen Only" option if it come up. On my laptop, that key is Fnct F4 but it varies by PC. Other than that, I have no other suggestions except to reinstall Windows (which is not simple).
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