Seeking: Info on Business-Class Windows Tablets for Professional / Healthcare Use


Jul 17, 2011
Hey all.

I work for a company that develops software for use with a specific field in the healthcare industry. With one of our applications, we use Windows-based tablets to run an application that logs patients into a management program.

I'm running into all sorts of issues, some software-related, some hardware-related.

I can have our organization address the software-related issues, but I need to eliminate the possibility of substandard hardware.

Currently, we're using HP ElitePads running Windows 7 Pro. We have some Asus EEE Slates as well, same OS.

I'm personally dissatisfied with these tablets as a business platform, and was wondering if there is a generally-accepted "go-to" platform for business-class tablet usage.

- Windows Operating systems on these tablets (Windows 7 Pro, preferred). Our program is essentially a Database program that uses several programming languages (Delphi, C++, and Flash).
- Dependable wireless connection is of the utmost priority.
- Higher-than-average processing power is a plus
- Battery capacity should last several hours with the screen on. (Essentially, they'll charge the tablets at lunch, and at night.)
- Cost is not necessarily a prohibitive factor.
- Graphics processing is not a priority. If it can run windows 7, it can run our programs.



May 22, 2014
I hunted for a tablet for soo long with similar requirements and subsequently gave up. My best opinion for you is a surface pro 2 with something called VHD running windows 7, but I havn't researched it yet, so don't know its capabilities. If you want more info on VHD:

has some words on it, but not many. if you were open to hybrids (usually laptops with swivel screens like the new dell xps models) than those could be a good substitute, and have slightly better batterylife.

Inversely, if you don't mind windows 8, the pro 2 has a very good touchscreen to rival the Note 10.1 2014 edition, and has full windows capabilities (for being windows 8).

Hope you find a solution!