Question Senior Simple Smart TV?

Nov 14, 2018
My 93 year old parent loves to watch QVC but the channel is not provided on her cable feed. However, QVC Live is available on YouTube. The struggle is that with her Smart TV, she needs to switch from the cable input to the Apps, to YouTuve and then try to find QVC on the YouTube app. No small task from a technology challenged 93 year old. Ideally, she would push just one button to go from the cable TV feed to the QVC on YouTube feed. Or something similar. It would be even better if she could do the switch with voice commands. Using a smartphone is out of the question. I'm finding that the Smart TVs are not so smart if you're a senior. Even the Magic TV remotes are not senior ready. I'm hoping that someone out there has solved this problem and has made their senior very happy.
I would suggest you get her an outboard streamer that has the app. Then you can just leave QVC running all the time on the streamer.
She would only have to switch between the cable and streamer inputs.
If the TV remote doesn't have direct input buttons a Logitech Harmony remote or Hub often has those codes even if the original remote doesn't. The Harmony remotes will do some macros but I don't think you can customize it to that extent.
The Logitech Harmony Hub can be set up to work with Alexa which would give her voice control if needed.
Nov 14, 2018
Well, I gave up. I tried connecting a Roko box to the HDMI port but mom continued to struggle. So, I went down to the nearest BestBuy and picked up the latest and greatest 'smart' LG with a voice-activated Magic remote. A number of significant advances in remote control technology have been added to these TVs in just the past three years. With a little training, she can actually manage this much better. Still very challenging for a 93-year-old with some dementia going on, but much better than trying to push lots of buttons. Now they need to come up with a remote that has bigger buttons that are more clearly labeled. Check out this SNL video to get a feel for what I'm dealing with -
I have had the same situation and unfortunately any solution you come up with is temporary as her abilities wan.
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