Question Use TV as Smart Display

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Aug 9, 2022
My wife has apparently been replaced by a pod person and has suggested putting a TV in our bedroom (she was previously so adamant about NOT having a TV in the bedroom that I have never even suggested it).

I'd really like to use the TV as something of an alarm. What I had in mind was to have it turn on at a specific time (most TVs I've had in the last 20 years have had something like this as a feature) to a specific input, where I could display, say, the weather, the family's calendar over the next couple of days, and other pertinent information.

I could probably rig something up with a Raspberry Pi that fetched the appropriate calendars and such from Google, but that sounds too much like work (in the sense that I already spend 8 hours of my day doing this stuff and don't want to do it after work, not in the sense that I'm lazy). So, does anyone know if there's an app or device that just does this? I've tried to search, but I just draw a blank on what I would even search for.


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