Sennheiser HD598 Surround Issue - Using Onboard Realtek


Jun 13, 2015
I have bought the Sennheiser HD598 and will be getting a modmic to attach to it soon. I will be using them for gaming and teamspeak. I am having trouble with surround sound where enemies far away sound too distant away, like the volume is too low. Seem like sound behind me is played too low making it hard for me to recognize their position. Not sure if this is a headphone/hardware issue or if I am just not used to open headphone since my old headset that I had for years was the closed SteelSeries Siberia v2.

I am using the onboard realtek for my headphone surround sound solution. On the windows speaker option when I click configuration to use the 7.1 surround sound test, all speakers beep except for the subwoofer speaker. Is this confirmation I have 7.0 onboard surround sound or is the subwoofer suppose to pass the beep test too for the full 7.1 experience?

Will getting the Astro Mixamp Pro TR or the Sound Blaster Zx fix my headphone issue or should I exchange my headphone? I didn't have issue with surround sound with my old headset. It could be possible I am not used to open headphone since my old Steelseries headset are closed. If soundcard is the way to fix this I would prefer it comes with a physical volume control since I am disappointed that headphones typically don't include inline volume control unlike gaming headset. Soundblaster Zx has 5.1 and the Astro Mixamp TR has 7.1 but it is more gear for console than PC so not sure of its sound quality over soundblaster. Would prefer to fix the surround issue before spending extra cash on hardware but if the Mixamp TR improve sound quality and better surround sound than onboard Realtek then I will consider them. Currently I don't have max volume too low or static noise with onboard sound so not sure if soundcard are worth it.


Why are you using 7.1 virtualization? Most modern games offer built in binaural approximations when you select the headphone option, and some like BF4 actually support multiple modes of approximation.

As for in-line control, of course not, that ruins sound quality so it's never going to be seen on any decent headphones.