Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition vs Sennheiser G4ME ZERO

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Aug 9, 2014
Does anyone know the difference between these two headsets. the PC 350 SE is normally $180 while the G4ME ZERO is normally $165. I was originally going to ask for the G4ME ZERO for Christmas, but I just saw on amazon the PC 350 SE are going for $99.99 for the black Friday sale. They are both closed back and have the same mic. The PC 350 SE Has a 150 Ohm, while the G4ME ZERO has a 50 Ohm. I don't know the difference, but if they are the same I will just send my parents the $99 ones so they can save money.


Sep 17, 2014
Game Zero vs PC350SE:

  • ■ Drivers are tuned for a slightly higher response range
    ■ The drivers are angled inside the ear cup
    ■ The sound stage has been modified to be more open
    ■ The ear cups are contoured
    ■ The weight is lower
    ■ The material quality is slighter better
The Game Zero and the PC 350SE will sound similar, but will not sound the same, the Game Zero is a refined version of the PC350SE.

Currently if you can buy the PC 350SE for half the price of the Game Zero, I would say that it represents far greater value and really great value overall. Though the Game Zero is definitely a better headset.

You would need reasonable amplification and source quality for both headsets to sound remotely good, which is probably why the PC350SE was not more popular. Second hand it's excellent value, especially since you can replace the snap on ear cups with off brand replacements for nothing.

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