SGS5 moving apps from internal storage to SD card

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Dec 24, 2005

Dear Folks

Yes I am ware that this topic was discussed heaps of time but I didn't find a full solution to my case

I have Samsung galaxy S5 rooted I am looking to move apps that I had downloaded from " Play Store" not browser from the internal storage to SD card.

Settings => Internet => Advanced => Content settings => Default storage => SD card

This is not applicable as it is for something you download it from a browser ,,,,Am I right ? which is not my case

Phone is rooted I am using paid "AppMgr III" but still won't move every apps that I installed them (not installed by default),,,means downloaded them via "Play Store" not browsers.

Link2SD is not working as it gives error raised the issue to forums but still no solution.

Any other suggestion ?

Because it is rooted, it will react a bit differently. Some of the things someone like me would suggest, may not actually work for you. I know nothing about rooting. :) I know how to move them if not a rooted device, which requires Android "Marshmallow" and also that the device not be blocked from doing so, some companies block the option.

From what I have seen on here (in that forum) there are ways to try and make it work on a rooted device, but, as I said, I don't do rooting. :) Hence the suggestion to post there.
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