Sharing Audio on multiple Headphones and communicates simultaneously


Nov 30, 2013
Hi there everyone,

I don't think that what i'm searching for exists (yet) but it certainly should - if somebody would have a solution on this he can take my money while i shut up :D

  • You want to watch a movie on your PC-TV but since you're only living on 50m2 and you don't want to bother your neighbours or wake their children you want to use a wireless Headphone (Bluetooth preferably)
    Now a friend comes by and he too wants to watch that movie with you (or watch you play that game eventually, or play it himself) but you cannot allow to disconnect the Headphone..
Now what i imagine is that there are systems like the 'ShareMe' enabled Headphones that would do just that - forward the audio to another 'ShareMe' enabled device.. But here it comes:
Now i don't want to take off the Headphone every time i want to speak to my buddy, preferably, the audio from the movie/game just turns down a little bit and the volume of your communication turns up a little bit.. That would just be perfect.. Like motorcycle-Helmet-Intercom but better.. For Home entertainment use only of course ;)

If someone knows if such a concept exists, i'd be glad to hear about it.. Or where to buy it..