Skullcandy Slyr replacement cords?


Mar 15, 2014
A few months ago, I got the Skullcandy Slyr gaming headset. I love it; it sounds great, and works on all of my platforms (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) except the Wii, but who uses a hardcore gaming headset on the Wii, heh?

The only problem is, it's got this stupidly long cable. Good for sitting on the couch when your console is far away, but a nightmare when at the computer.

Especially when you have to lug it around the house and reconnect it to every device you want to use it with - you've gotta go through the process of getting behind the TV, unravel the mile-long cord, unplug this, plug in that, repeat plug process again for other channel cable. It's a nightmare.

I just want to be able to have cords by all three consoles (they're in different room), so I can just pull out the cord, take the TMMS cable that goes into the inline mixer from my headset, plug it in, and game.

Again, the only problem is, where do I find such cables? I've looked around and I can't find any place that sells these cables, or what they would cost. Do you guys know where I could find some? Skullcandy has a place on their site for this kind of stuff...

Replacement Headphone Cords and Earbud Gels:
Broke your headphone cord? Lost your Earbud Gels? Skullcandy offers replacement cords for headphones with detachable cords....(Note, I cut off all after this)
However, all they sell is those little earbud things! Huh? That smells fishy, eh?

All I want is two silly little (actually, little is a lie) cords, Skullcandy! C'mon! I thought buying Astro would teach you a little somethin' somethin'....