Skype Worm problem



Recently my friend was infected with a skype worm that started to send links to everyone in his contact list which downloads a file if you click on it. This file causes your computer to become infected with the same skype worm. I stupidly clicked that link that my friend posted, but I immediately deleted the file as soon as it downloaded. The link started with something like this “LOL, is this your new profile pic? <link>. I also have done several full system scans with Microsoft Security Essentials and it did not detect anything. I also haven't noticed any symptoms after I clicked it. Do you guys that that I should be fine since I didn't click the .exe file that it downloaded, or could I still be infected?

The following is a short article I found that talks about this worm. I have to admit that it really did scare me half to death.

The Skype worm is a strain of the Dorkbot family of malware that made headlines in October 2012. The Skype worm sends a message like “LOL, is this your new profile pic?” from an infected Skype user’s contact list, attempting to entice fellow Skype users into clicking on the link and downloading and installing the Skype worm.

As with other forms of Dorkbot, the Skype worm opens a backdoor on infected computers, allowing for remote access. The Skype worm also installs a form of ransomware, wherein the malware threatens to lock a user out of being able to use their computer and demands a payment of several hundreds of dollars within a limited time frame or have their files deleted.
Computers infected with the Skye worm may also receive a ransomware message claiming that the computer has been used for illegal activity and that the user will be reported to federal authorities unless a payment is made within a limited timeframe.


Dec 19, 2010
If you didn't launch the .exe file, you're safe. My sister once caught such virus, and it took me good 2 hours to remove. Basically, there was a hidden file in C:\Windows\system32, and it was also added to MSconfig starup list. If you think you were infected, just check the list of processes.


Oh okay, I think when it comes to this worm specifically, the main executable for the worm sits in the appdata folder. It has some sort of rootkit that replaces the file whenever you try to delete it. Thankfully, I looked at my appdata folder and I don't see any suspicious files. I really hope you're right man because I think this new skype worm is a lot more detrimental than all others.
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