Slightly upgrade laptop CPU from i3 to i5. Need infos please.


May 10, 2015

I tried to play the dolphin emulator on my quite old laptop : here are the spec .

The main problem is the CPU which is a little too underpowdered. Some others have a core i5 M430 or even core i3 M350 Which work great.

I check the chipset and I have a HM 55 Express. Most other versions of the toshiba L650 which are sold have a core i5 for the same chipset so I think it would be possible to upgrade to core i5. They are not expensive at all. I read that it could have problem such as high temperature level but I just need to get a little more power... I also read that the CPU is not removable from the chipset but I've also seen some people who changed it with no problem... I read that core i7 are not compatible with this chipset but I dont really need it.

It is easy to upgrade the CPU ? What are the risks ? Which CPU would be the better and the easier to replace ?

Concerning the graphical card I read it's OK. I have Mobility Radeon HD 5145 80 @ 720 MHz 64 Bit @ 900 MHz

Thanks in advance for your help,



Jun 10, 2013
according to intel your cpu supports both BGA1288 or PGA988 sockets so you need to know which one you have.! Ball Grid Array cpu are soldered on chip so no upgrade possible. you need to have Pin Grid Array in order to be upgradable!

there is a minor difference in core and igp speed so there wont be any notable performance increase. both are 2core /4thread cpu with the same amount of cache memory! core i7 are supported and only the quad core are a lot faster, however in such case im not sure if 4cores are actually supported!

a supported cpu with higher tdp would most probably require better cooling

check this one! fine tweaking may get you there!
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