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  1. S

    give me a android emulator for my pc without grafic card

    give me android emulator for my pc. i hove no grafic card in my pc so i want to run android emulator for my pc segguction me
  2. P

    Solved! How do i connect my cretro console emulator with 118 ganes installed to my old tv?

    My console only has two composite av ports and cables one yellow, one white. But my old tv has three ports how do i connect and when i connect how do i change from tv to av?
  3. Y

    Solved! Brawl Stars - Is it possible to play it on pc?

    Brawl Stars has released in Russia on Dec 8th, I want to try it with Android emulator on pc. I saw this page: link removed by Moderator. Anyone has try it before?
  4. S

    Solved! Nongaming Android Emulators Anyone?

    Im so frustrated about now. I dont need an android emulator for GAMING for Pete sake! Im not into gaming, but need a lightweight emulator to be able to use my phone apps (that have nothing to do with gaming) when my phone is in repair or lost. ALL of the emulators Ive tried are so heavy and...
  5. S

    Pubg mobile lagging on my emulator tencent gaming buddy

    Hello, everyone, I am playing pubg mobile on my pc using Tencent gaming buddy for the past two months as my smartphone [Xiaomi Redmi 5A 2GB] can't handle the graphics. MY PC SPECS INTEL I3-4160 3.60HHZ 4TH GEN DUAL CORE 6GB RAM DDR3 NVIDIA GT 710 2GB OVERCLOCKED 2TB TOSHIBA SDD WINDOWS 10 64...
  6. M

    Tencent Gaming Buddy - Bad Image Error

    Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator is the new thing in the internet in which you can play PUBG Mobile game online through the tencent emulator. Everyone is playing in it. However I have a specific Bad Image error everytime I launch game in it or do any changes or settings in the emulator. Error...
  7. V

    Solved! PUBG Mobile Lag on emulator

    Actually i got my gaming CPU assembled for pubg mobile and i was playing pubg mobile emulator on pc and the specs are i3 7th generation, gt geforce 4gb nvidia 1050ti graphic card, 8 gb of ram, gigabyte motherboard and game was lagging earlier when i had gt geforce 730 so i got ssd 128gb and it...
  8. S

    Good Android Emulator for Low end PC?

    Hey guys I'm looking for a fast, reliable android emulator for pc that can run on my specs; CPU: AMD A6-5400k GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7540d RAM: 2gb (1.5gb usable) I tried bluestacks and nox. Bluestacks' engine won't start, Nox' stuck at 99%. Thanks!
  9. S

    Is there a good ps2 emulator available on Android?

    I've got PPSSPP working on my z2 force but I haven't found a ps2 emulator that doesn't seem sketchy on the Google store.
  10. S

    pSX or ePSXe Sony PS1 emulator for PC?

    Which one is more accurate? I will also buy this...
  11. S

    Solved! pSX - PS1 Emulator Full Screen Wide

    Is it possible to use Wide Full Screen in pSX - Sony PS1 Emulator on PC?
  12. S

    BlueStacks Android Emulator Xbox One Controller

    How to use Xbox One/360 Controller in BlueStacks?
  13. V

    Play station 3 games

    I have a ps3 emulator in my laptop win10 can i download gta 5 iso for ps3 and play it in that emulator
  14. S

    Best Windows XP Emulator?

    VMware or VirtualBox? Which one for Windows XP? I tried Windows XP in PCem Emulator and it's very slow.
  15. C

    my game misc file deleted i want to recover it

    i used to play pokemon leaf green gba file game on my android lg phone using john gba emulator today by making space i deleted the misc file which contains my game file and now i need the game file can u help
  16. O

    MXM 3.0 Halp

    I bought a refurbished USFF PC for an "emulator box" and it works better than expected given how cheap it was. It has an i5-3570S with the Intel HD 2500. Little did i know it has an MXM 3 slot. I didn't even know what it was until i looked it up. So, apparently i can put a mobile GPU in it...
  17. S

    PCem Emulator CPU too fast?

    I test SiSoft SANDRA 99 in PCem and Intel Pentium MMX 233 is faster then Pentium MMX 266. How is this possible? This emulator really sucks or what? I wish VMware supports 3D-Acceleration in Windows 9x.
  18. S

    Windows 2000/XP Emulator with 3D-Acceleration?

    Is there any Windows 2000/XP Emulator with 3D-Acceleration for old Windows games? I tried VMware and VirtualBox and old Windows games doesn't work. In PCem Windows XP works slow and no 3DFX.
  19. S

    PCem Emulator very slow

    Why is PCem Emulator very slow? All old Windows games lagging in Windows 95 and i have good computer.
  20. S

    Sony PS1 Emulator Controls

    Should i use keyboard or Xbox One Controller in Sony PS1 Emulator? Does PS1 support analog stick?
  21. TheMitjaX

    The transfer pak is not set properly.

    http://imgur.com/a/UgMxx (the img code doesn't seem to work) So let me explain the problem I am actually using emulator not the real thing but it only happens when I want to load a savestate F7 the emulator is called Project64 1.7 and the game is Pokemon Stadium (USA) I have already searched...
  22. S

    Xbox 360/Sony PS3 Emulator

    Is it possible to play Xbox 360 and PS3 games someday in Emulator with Intel Core i5 on PC with 60 FPS? I have Xbox 360 JTAG and Sony PS3 Slim but PS3 have dead BT Board so i can't use controller without cable.
  23. S

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Sony PSP Emulator No Lag?

    Can i play all PSP Games in PPSSPP Emulator on Samsung Galaxy S4 without lag?
  24. S

    PSP Emulator or Console?

    Which? Should i use Console or Emulator? What about Sony PS2? Is it PS2 Emulator better then console because better graphics?
  25. S

    pSX or ePSXe Emulator?

    Which is better and have better graphics?
  26. J

    How to use a NES, Game Boy and PSP emulator with the Gear VR

    While there are lots of games around specifically built for VR and the Gear VR, many of us still want to play our retro games using the system. As always, where there is a will there is a way. If you have a PC with an Nvidia GPU you can use emulators and Nvidia SHIELD to stream directly to your...
  27. S

    Best Windows Emulator for PC?

    Which is the Best Windows Emulator for 3D games for PC?
  28. S

    Solved! I don't know how to use QEMU on windows

    On my win 8 laptop, pretry much the only emulator I can run is qemu. But the problem is that I don't even know how to run a disk image in qemu. How do I run the disk image, and how do I create\attach a VHD to it?
  29. N

    xbox 360 emulator, real or fake???

    Right, so i came across this emulator, heres the link, all is good, until you download it, and it says theres a new update... boxemulator.com i really dont think this is real, but i saw game play futage of it advertising some game... worth a shot i guess, xD
  30. M

    Terminal emulator question

    I have a Samsung cellphone running a terminal emulator program. What command should I enter to see the SD card?
  31. S

    Is it possible to send an sms from an android emulator to a phone?

    This is the emulator i'm using http://www.bignox.com/ so, is it possible?
  32. watrhous

    BEST Windows 7 Android EMulator?

    Bluestacks is horrible. Any alternatives that wont kill my machine?
  33. D

    Drastic DS Emulator draining battery too much on Motorola Droid MAXX 2?

    I'm trying to run the Drastic DS Emulator, and while it runs fine even in power saver mode, I feel as though my phone is using to much battery power during play compared to others accounts of battery usage. When I play, usually with my phone at the lowest brightness settings it will use up 7-8%...
  34. M

    Is there any known xbox360 controller emulator for tablet android as there is for PC so my not xbox controller could simulate

    Tablet Android controllers?
  35. D

    Bluestacks .apk help

    hello..... i decided to check out bluestacks because well its a android emulator, non the less so far in my experience , its flawed, that or i'm flawed, anyways i downloaded a APK file, install it in bluestacks, icon appears , click on it, and all i get is errors, one gives me a wifi error, one...
  36. T

    Android Emulator Freeze?!

    Okay now, i remember using Bluestack and Windroye as my android emulator on my laptop. And now none of those works anymore. I Also try, Andydroid, AMIdOS, Droid4X, and MEmu. All of those freeze at startup, not only its window freezes but my whole system including disk and network. I'm in...
  37. A

    Dolphin Emulator is not working on Android.

    So I downloaded dolphin on my shield tablet. First I tried new super mario bros wii to see how it would run. I know the game works because I have tried it on my computer. Once I find the game directory, i clicked on it and it just stayed on a black screen. I tried this on multiple wii games and...
  38. Can You Help Me Please

    Where Can I Find A Sound Blaster Sound Card Emulator So That I Can Use SOUND BLASTER X-FI MB3 Software

    I just bought a pair of Technical Pro MB5000's bookshelf monitors. I want to test this software, but I dont have a soundblaster card. So what can I do to enable this software?
  39. ambam

    Snapchat won't work with bluestacks?

    I donwloaded the android emulator "bluestacks" and created a snapchat account with it. But now it won't let me use the snapchat app. What gives?
  40. J

    Xbox 360 emulator virus

    Got the virus from the 360 emulator anyone know the fix? My computer just restarts and puts me onto a Win10 diagnostics screen to troubleshoot I have tried doing a system restore but I get an error message, any help would be much appreciated Thanks.
  41. S

    Snapchat on Bluestacks

    Bluestacks is a great emulator for all things Android and I have been using it for awhile but for some reason recently the Snapchat App has not been able to connect to their servers. I have tried running it as administrator and uninstalling plenty of times as well as other basic quick-fixes to...
  42. M

    My USB floppy drive emulator in Korg PA-50 (music keyboard) does not recognize the USB stick. What should I do?

    In need of help regarding Korg keyboard
  43. D

    Slightly upgrade laptop CPU from i3 to i5. Need infos please.

    Hello, I tried to play the dolphin emulator on my quite old laptop : here are the spec . The main problem is the CPU which is a little too underpowdered. Some others have a core i5 M430 or even core i3 M350 Which work great. I check the chipset and I have a HM 55 Express. Most other versions...
  44. subtleendowment

    I downloaded a bios virus from a fake ps3 emulator, please suggestions.

    So the first hit on Google for a ps3 emulator is [bad site] which is completely malware and has gotten me to apparently install some shit in my bios. I really like my computer, it was kind of expensive, and I would like to be able to at least repair my bios if not my hdd. After uninstalling...
  45. S

    X-COM enemy within mobile on an emulator?

    Well I recently purchased X-COM enemy within, and I would like to play it on an emulator. However I was wondering if anyone know how to do this. I tired both Andy and Blue stacks and both come up with an incompatibility. So I was wondering if there was an emulator that could do this?
  46. S

    emulator: warning: Android studio

    Running an App in Android studio 1.0 and get this error during emmulator launching could not get wglGetExtensionsStringARB Failed to create Context 0x3005 could not get wglGetExtensionsStringARB emulator: WARNING: Could not initialize OpenglES emulation, using software renderer. could not get...
  47. viveknayyar007

    How to Install the Android Wear Emulator

    Android Wear Emulator helps you test all the Android Wear apps and features right on your PC without owning the physical device itself. When an Android wear emulator is installed, the launched application displays an Android wear-like interface on your computer screen, and you can use the...
  48. N

    Playstation 3 Emulator

    Is there a Playstation Emulator that works on mac?
  49. G

    How to Install an Emulator on an Android Phone

    Mobile phones have become powerful devices where you can almost do anything. For game enthusiasts, there's nothing more fun than to play all-time game favorites like you used to play them. This is possible by using emulators. If you're wondering how to do this, here's how to install an emulator...
  50. mitchmatch

    How to install snes Rom's

    How do I install Rom's onto a snes emulator iPad jailbreak
  51. R

    Buying a Gaming Laptop

    Hey there. I just have a question about purchasing a laptop for gaming. Now, I just want to say this, I'm not looking to do higher end gaming. All I want to play from time to time are game emulators. -ePSXe (For playstation 1 games) -Virtual Boy Advance (For GBA games) -Project64 (Nintendo 64...
  52. L

    how many ghz can a jxd reach

    I just wanted to know because I am getting a jxd s7800b for christmas and I wanted to know if it was capable of running the dolphin emulator for android. Your help would be appreciated thank you :D
  53. C

    Can i use a Playstation 1,2,3 or 4 Controller to Play PS1,Sega Genesis,SNES,NES,N64 Roms on my Nexus 7

    Just wondering i have been playing PS1,Sega Genesis,SNES,NES and N64 Roms on my Nexus 7 for the last 2 years. Using an Emulator and the virtual keypad for each of the ancient systems that is in the emulators. I love these systems i grew up with them that is why i still like to nostalgically...
  54. K

    Looking for a movie player notebook

    I'm hoping that the forums can help me with this idea I have. I want to have a small notebook designed specifically for watching HD videos by connecting to a TV. 1. What is your budget? -I'm planning for the future so I'm not sure of my budget as yet but ideally less than $500. The cheaper the...
  55. baijubaiju

    Data receving not matched in hyperterminal

    Hi , am successfully installed com port data emulator & traffic generator. My problem is that am create virtual modem and send data from com port data emulator ,but am connecting hyper terminal(virtual port) receiving data not matched, first letter correct but others are unreadable some signs...
  56. B

    Bluestacks Emulator Crashing?

    Hello, I have a HP Pavilion x2 tablet and it has a full version of Windows 8.1 installed. I installed Bluestacks and it runs fine, i downloaded Clash of Clans no problem, but when I try to run it, it freezes for a second, then my screen blinks black and the window turns white. I also get a...
  57. B

    No music in SSF (Sega saturn emulator)

    So I was trying to run a game in SSF (Sega saturn emulator) and I don't seem to have any music. I heard that you had to mount the cue file in DT in order for music to play however when I tried to mount it, it siad "image invalid". I then read that you had to convert all the mp3 audio files to...
  58. Ravi Gagan

    graphic card emulator

    is there any software that can simulate as Graphic Card to run high end games on PC with no graphic card installed
  59. mjmcdonagh1

    iPhone Emulator/Simulator to Demonstrate Exchange Setup

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of an iPhone emulator or simulator which allows mailbox setup? The mailbox doesn't have to be functional once it has been setup. I want to create instructions for an offsite client on how to setup their exchange mailboxes on iPhone's as that seems to be...
  60. L

    will a asus memo pad hd 7 emulate 64 games?

    I just want to know if it will run them well