Small-Town scene vs. Big-City scene?



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Hi all,

This question would have been a lot better had I brought it
up a few years ago, when we had more regulars, but I think it's
still worth bringing up. What was the gaming "scene" like when you
were a kid, and how did that affect your collection as a whole?
Was there a big difference depending on what kind of area you
lived in?

I know it's kind of a vague question, so I'll get the ball rolling:
I grew up in Northeast PA, in a small town/rural area. Areas like
this tend to lag behind the rest of the world by a year or two, so
lots of times we never saw games or accessories until they'd been
tested and proven in larger areas. There were only two real game
shops in my area, one of which was the local supermarket (yeah, I'm
serious) and the other was K-Mart. Since we didn't have much around,
the only things those stores would stock would be the big sellers
(Contra, Mario, etc). Oh, some would try to carry the odd Tengen or
AVE title, because they were cheaper, but those things never moved.

Of course, this had the effect of depriving me of anything but the
most mainstream NES games, and so now I have a particular fascination
for NES games by Tengen or Color Dreams, just because they have that
weird "alien" feel to me. And it doesn't have to be unliscenced... I
also feel that way about lots of lisenced games that just weren't
popular enough to hit my hometown.

Also, for the same reason, Atari stuff held on far longer in my area
than it probably did for most. SMS never got big enough to be seen.

I'm wondering if it was any different for those of us who lived in
cities, or at least different parts of the country.



Aaron J. Bossig


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Well, I recieved my NES in 1990, and besides getting a couple new games
each year, I got most of my games from yard/garage sales. I also grew
up in ruralality (I made a new word) and came up with many games that I
considered obscure when I first saw them, but they turned out being
some of the best NES games that I owned.