Smart TV connection via Aux-Bluetooth

Aug 7, 2018
I have a smart TV that doesn't have any Bluetooth connectivity. Also, I have speakers with Bluetooth connectivity.
Now, I needed to connect these two.
I have tried a small external Bluetooth device with TV but it doesn't work.
The TV have aux port which can be used to connect it to external speakers via aux cable, but connecting it via aux cable it not what I am looking for.
So, is there any device or way that can connect the smart TV-aux-(device I'm looking for)-Bluetooth-Speakers!
Thanks in advance :)
We can't guess what connections your mystery TV has.
If the TV has an headphone audio output then a bluetooth transmitter should work. You sometimes have to turn the output on. Sometimes you have to turn the TV speakers off too.
If the TV has a digital audio output (most common kind) you need a transmitter with an optical input and you may need to change the audio output type to PCM stereo.
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