smart watches with ir blaster?


Jun 21, 2015
I'm trying to find a smart watch with an ir blaster. I'm about to replace my phone. I'm probably going to stick with android is for phone. My budget is under $200 with a small amount of wiggle room on that. The functions I want are change channels, tell time, answer calls, maybe text and other basic smart watch features. Cameras are not loved on watches but I can consider one.

The most important feature is a remote that can strap to my wrist and phone functions. I lose remotes often.

I am looking for a list of watches that fit most the stuff.

Right now the only option I see is a samsung neo 2 and I'm hoping someone can bring some competition to that.
Right now, only Samsung's Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo (two separate watches; odd naming convention) have built-in IR blasters, as far as I know. The Sony SmartWatch 3 was supposed to have it, seeing as they said it would when they announced it, but came out and didn't include that.
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