Solution Real/Random Tabs Opening


Jun 28, 2012
Yesterday I downloaded (torrented) something from a website I use occasionally and I used BitTorrent to install the file. A short while later my Norton started going crazy and I received constant notifications that files/websites were being blocked and it didn't take me long to realize it was connected to something called Solution Real which apparently is like a fake ad blocker or something along those lines. I couldn't delete the file because I was apparently running the program so I tried ending any programs linked to Solution Real in my task manager and they would close but quickly pop up within seconds of being terminated.

So I did some research and was told to install AdwCleaner which I did, I restarted my computer and that did essentially nothing. Then I installed MalwareBytes which did actually delete all the files linked to Solution Real, however, I'm still getting random tabs opening whenever I click on a link/website (any website, ie: Youtube or Twitch). Some of the pages appear to be broken links too that lead me to nothing but a blank page with randomly colored blocks or whatever. I'm also receiving notifications from MalwareBytes saying that malicious websites are being blocked by the domain of and constantly (anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes).

Any info on how to get rid of these "websites" and random ads/tabs popping up? Considering these are linked to my web browser, would a simple cache clear be enough or no?

Thanks in advance.


Feb 14, 2017
I had the same thing happening. I tried Scanning the computer with an antivirus i had and Malware bytes, When i got back it seemed that it worked, but then it opened again. What i did was check my scheduled tasks. One of them was suspicious to me, since it had to do with my Browser (Chrome), So i ran it, and it was the thing causing spam tabs, So then i ended it, and it seemed to be working. So uh, i advice you to look trough your scheduled tasks, and see if there is anything suspicious, i hope this worked for you!

Though at this time you probably already fixed it.